Diesel engine fuel injection nozzle DN0PDN113 105007 1130 For NISSAN Engine

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We promise that the product will be brand new and provide a one year quality guarantee period. During the warranty period, if there are any problems, we will refund the package for you. In terms of price, our products have absolute advantages.

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93400-5010 DN4PD1 23620-64010 TOYOTA 2C/1C-L/1C

093400-5040 DN0PD4 23620-64020 TOYOTA 1C-L/2C-TLC

093400-5060 DN15PD6 MD603660 MITSUBISHI 4D65

093400-5200 DN0PD20 23620-64040 TOYOTA 1C/1C-L/2C-TL

093400-5210 DN0PD21 34661-02000 MITSUBISHI S4Q

093400-5310 DN0PD31 23620-55010 TOYOTA 1N-T

093400-5320 DN20PD32 23620-64050 TOYOTA 3C-T/1HD-T/2C

093400-5370 DN0PD37 MD620116 MITSUBISHI 4D68

093400-5380 DN4PD38 23620-87702-000 DAIHATSU CL

093400-5420 DN20PD32 23620-69045 TOYOTA 1PZ/1HZ

093400-5571 DN4PD57 23620-54080 TOYOTA 2L/3L/5L

093400-5581 DN0PD58 23620-54090 TOYOTA 2L-T/2L

093400-5760 DN10PD76 23620-54120 TOYOTA 2L-THE

093400-5820 DN4PD82 11460-53611 KUBOTA OC95

093400-5950 DN0PD95 16454-53611 KUBOTA V1903

093400-6050 DN0PD605 VS0113TW0 MAZDA VS

093400-6090 DN15PD609 MD604786 MITSUBISHI 4D68

093400-6190 DN0PD619 23620-67020 TOYOTA 1KZ-T/1HZ-T


093400-6280 DN0PD628 23620-17050 TOYOTA 1HZ

093400-6340 DN0PDN113 NISSAN DIESEL TD23/TD27

093400-6500 DN0PN650 23620-64120 TOYOTA 2C-TL/2C/2C-L

093400-6510 DN10PD651 MD627040 MITSUBISHI 4D56

093400-6760 DN0PDN112 MITSUBISHI 4D56

093400-6810 DN4PD681 23620-54170 TOYOTA 5L

093400-7040 DN0PD704 23620-67040 TOYOTA 1KZ-TE

Zexel NO. Sping No. MFR NO. MFR Name Engine Type

105007-1000 DN15PDN100 MD603900 MITSUBISHI 4D56

105007-1010 DN4PDN101 8941305320 ISUZU

105007-1020 DN0PDN102 PN1113TW0 MAZDA PN27/PN26

105007-1040 DN0PDN104

105007-1080 DN0PDN108 8944135600 ISUZU 4EE1

105007-1100 DN0PDN110 8944280170 ISUZU 4FG1

105007-1110 DN15PDN111 ME722353 MITSUBISHI

105007-1120 DN0PDN112 MD620189 MITSUBISHI 4D56/4M40 NA

105007-1130 DN0PDN113 1662043G02 NISSAN DIESEL TD23/TD27/


105007-1140 DN0PDN114 62153110050 ISEKI

105007-1170 DN4PDN117

105007-1180 DN4PD1 TOYOTA 2C/1C-L/1C

105007-1210 DN0PDN121 166209009 NISSAN DIESEL TD27/TD42

105007-1223 DN0PDN122 8970437621 ISUZU 4EE1TC

105007-1240 DN0PDN124 8943682480 ISUZU 4JG2-TC

105007-1260 DN4PD57 TOYOTA 2L/3L/5L

105007-1271 DN0PDN127 8970811580 ISUZU 4JG2/4JG2-TC

105007-1290 DN10PDN129 ME731687 MITSUBISHI E65X TC/4M40

105007-1300 DN10PDN130 ME731688 MITSUBISHI 4D56

105007-1310 DN0PDN131 897107440 ISUZU 4JG2

105007-1370 DN0PDN137 RFG13TW0 MAZDA RF

105007-1350 DN10PDN135 ME738945 MITSUBISHI

Zexel NO. Sping No. Vehicle Model Engine

105015-2780 DLLA166S374NP6 NISSAN DIESEL PD6

105015-3090 DLLA150S384NP13 ISUZU NP13/A498

105015-3100 DLLA166S414NP46 NISSAN DIESEL PD6/PD6T

105015-3150 DLLA145S701NP15 HINO ED100

105015-3160 DLLA150S3840NP16 HINO ZG100/EF100/


105015-3180 DLLA166S374NP17 NP17/N412

105015-3200 DLLA186S334NP8 KOMATSU S4D105

105015-3220 DLLA152S344NP48 4BB1

105015-3240 DLLA152S324NP48 ISUZU 4BB1/6BB1/


105015-3250 DLLA160S354NP49 MITSUBISHI 8DC/8DC80/


105015-3270 DLLA150S344NP51 ISUZU 10PA1/12PA1/


105015-3280 DLLA150S328NP52 DAIHATSU S6D155

105015-3310 DLLA154S344NP54 ISUZU NP54/A418

105015-3330 DLLA156S344NP55 ISUZU 10PA1

105015-3350 DLLA156S344NP55 KOMATSU ZG100/EF100/


105015-3360 DLLA171S374NP58 NISSAN DIESEL RD8/A410

105015-3370 DLLA168S304NP59 NISSAN DIESEL ND6/A418

105015-3390 DLLA154S324NP61 NP61/A498

105015-3450 DLLA174S334NP75 KOMATSU S4D105

105015-3460 DLLA150S394NP68 HINO EK100

105015-3470 DLLA150S394NP69 HINO EK100

105015-3490 DLLA150S344NP70 MITSUBISHI 6D14/ N400

105015-3520 DLLA150S384NP73 ISUZU 6RB1/A456

105015-3550 DLLA150S394NP76 HINO EK100/N410

105015-3560 DLLA160S354NP77 MITSUBISHI 6D20/6D22/


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