Jaw crusher crushing ratio is an important measure of the quality of jaw crusher

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Iron ore jaw crusher agency made simple, easy management and maintenance, safe and reliable, wide application. Selection of iron ore jaw crusher, should make it suitable material feed size dimensions, usually feed material size can not exceed one crusher feed size of 85%. The crushed product size depends primarily on the size of the discharge port size, but also with the nature of the material and feed particle size related. This jaw crusher next selection process and consider a job, should pay special attention.
Jaw crusher crushing ratio is an important [url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Stone_Crushing/]stone crusher[/url] measure of the quality of jaw crusher, crushing ratio short of jaw crusher ore crushing former refers to ball mill the ratio of particle size and particle size after crushing. So for crushing ratio calculation methods are the following:
First: The maximum size and maximum size before crushing the ore after crushing to calculate the maximum size method, which is often the best design of the concentrator using this method of calculation.
Second: jaw crusher feed opening width and effective than the width of the discharge opening, although this method is feasible, Sand Washing Machine but for some jaw crusher, its nesting size than by the size of the discharge opening to the decision, Therefore, this method is sometimes inaccurate.
Third: after crushing ore with an average particle size is calculated, also known as the average crushing ratio. This method is obtained crushing ratio, can more truly reflect the degree of fragmentation, and thus theoretical studies often use this method to determine the crushing ratio crusher.
However, due to jaw crusher work is intermittent, so there is air travel, thus increasing the unproductive power consumption. Since moving jaw and rod reciprocating work generated considerable inertia force, the parts under a lot of load, and thus the basis of the quality requirements are high. Production capacity will decline sticky [url=http://www.mill-crushers.com/Stone_Crushing/Hammer_crusher.html]hammer crusher[/url] when wet material crushing, or even clogging. When crushed dry flaky material, sheet material Yishun jaw width direction is difficult to achieve the purpose of breaking through, causing the material downpipe or lower crusher feed port congestion. Therefore, in the grasp of the right jaw crusher ore crushing ratio, how much filler, routine maintenance of the crusher should also pay attention to.
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