Massey Ferguson nozzle DLL110S6267

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State:   Ekiti
City:   Emure/Ise/Orun
City:   Putian
Model:   DLL110S6267
Telephone:   +8613799690614

China-Balin Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.
With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical.
And our quality of products is in the same class with other overseas famous manufactures.

The customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit.
If you are interested in any diesel injection parts, please contact us.
We really hope we can start business.

Below are some of products in the market:

Nozzle P ABITN07.05.172-11. MAZ 51
Nozzle S ADB-135S-126-7 ADB-135S-126-7
Nozzle P ADB140M200-7 ADB140M200-7
Nozzle P ADB140M-218-7 ADB140M-218-7
Nozzle P ADB155M169-7 ADB155M169-7
Nozzle S ADB35S-126-7 1006-1
Nozzle S BDB30S46 BDB30S46
Nozzle S BDB-35S-122-7 BDB-35S-122-7
Nozzle S BDL30S46 BDL30S46
Nozzle S BDLL140S6592 BDLL140S6592
Nozzle S BDLL140S6655CF BDLL140S6655CF
Nozzle S BDLL150S6310 BDLL150S6310
Nozzle P BDLL150S6382 BDLL150S6382
Nozzle S BDLL150S6556CF BDLL150S6556CF
Nozzle S BDLL150S6575CC BDLL150S6575CC
Nozzle S BDLL150S6600 BDLL150S6600
Nozzle S BDLL160S6394 BDLL160S6394
Nozzle DN_SD BDN0SDC6751C BDN0SDC6751C
Nozzle DN_SD BDN12SDC6849C BDN12SDC6849C
Nozzle DN_SD D0P150P625 D0P150P625
Nozzle S D1LMK138/M1 D1LMK138/M1
Nozzle S D1LMK138/M2 D1LMK138/M2
Nozzle S D1LMK138/M3 D1LMK138/M3
Nozzle S D1LMK140/2 D1LMK140/2
Nozzle S D1LMK140/4 D1LMK140/4
Nozzle S D1LMK140/M3 D1LMK140/M3
Nozzle S D1LMK150/A2 D1LMK150/M1
Nozzle S DLL110S6267
Nozzle S DLL120S27D541 DLL120S27D541
Nozzle S(long) DLL140S50F DLL140S50F
Nozzle S(long) DLL140S56F DLL140S56F
Nozzle S DLL140S6592 DLL140S6592
Nozzle S DLL150S6329CF DLL150S6329CF
Nozzle S DLL150S6372 DLL150S6372
Nozzle S DLL150S6472 DLL150S6472
Nozzle S DLL150S6665 DLL150S6665
Nozzle S DLL150S6774 DLL150S6774
Nozzle SN DLL155SN807 DLL155SN807
Nozzle S DLL160S65F DLL160S65F

Contact Vivian
SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550
CELL: +8613799690614
FAX: 86-594-2660550


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