Engine nozzle 174-02, 174.1112010-02

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State:   Akwa Ibom
City:   Etim Ekpo
City:   Putian
Model:   174-02, 174.1112010-02
Telephone:   +8613799690614

1) As the specialist in the diesel injection parts, China Balin Parts Plant www.china-balin.com mainly produce head rotor, injector nozzle, diesel plunger, repair kits, Gasket kits, deliver valve, cam disk, feed pump, Drive Shaft, and so on.

2) Advantages:
* Excellent quality and standards of product
* Fast shipping system
* EXW price
* Huge stock support

3) For more details, please contact Vivian (vivian@china-balin.com)
SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550
CELL: +8613799690614
FAX: 86-594-2660550
WEB: www.china-balin.com
WEB: www.balin-group.com

4) Some of the products as below:

Nozzle P L014PBB L014PBB
Nozzle P L017PBB L017PBB FH-12
Nozzle P L017PBB DLLA158P5040
Nozzle p L066pbd L066pbd
Nozzle S L079PBD DLLA150S762
Nozzle P LP 004 B DLLA158P7154
Nozzle P LP008 LP008
Nozzle P LP017PBB LP017PBB
Nozzle p Lp054b Lp054b
Nozzle P MAZ 51 MAZ51
Nozzle S N16.6E N16.6E
Nozzle YANMAR N161B N161B
Nozzle P NBM770000 NBM770000
Nozzle P NBM770049 NBM770049
Nozzle P P157-335-50 P157-335-50
Nozzle DN_PDN PD113 PD113
Nozzle DN_SD RDN0SDC6843C RDN0SDC6843C
Nozzle S S6551 S6551
Nozzle S ULL110S1030 ULL110S1030
Nozzle S ULL125S1091 ULL125S1091
Nozzle S VDLL150S6741CF VDLL150S6741CF
Nozzle S VDLL150S6743CF VDLL150S6743CF
Nozzle S VDLL150S6840 VDLL150S6840
Nozzle S VDLL150S6841 VDLL150S6841
Nozzle P WEAD900121001C DLLA150P070
Nozzle P WEAD900121018A DLLA145P115
Nozzle P WEAD900121018D DLLA155P131
Nozzle Ship Z139 Z139
Nozzle S ZCK154S432 ZCK154S432
Nozzle S ZIL ZIL
Nozzle S ZS4S1 ZS4S1
Nozzle P 0 433 171 386 DLLA148P522
Nozzle DSLA-P 9 432 610 890 DSLA149PN903
Nozzle DSLA-P 105017-9030 DSLA149PN903
Pencil nozzle CAT 20494 20494
Pencil nozzle CAT 20668 20668
Pencil nozzle CAT 20671 20671
Pencil nozzle CAT 20672 20672
Pencil nozzle CAT 20673 20673
Pencil nozzle CAT 20939 20939
Pencil nozzle CAT 22808 22808


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